2016 MIP Interns

Eliza Donohue, Carnegie Mellon University

Ross Township

This project evaluated and made policy recommendations for future use of Ross Township baseball, softball and open field spaces. Recommendations for resource management, capital improvement planning and financial management were made to Township Commission.

Hannah Grippo, Westminster College

New Castle City

The overall goal is for the City of New Castle to successfully exit the Act 47 program. Two objectives worked on towards this goal included: the first phase of a revenue study and implementation plan or assistance with the city’s Blueprint Community five-yearstrategic plan.

Dalton Leedy, California University of Pennsylvania

Charleroi Borough

Developed an updated property owner database. This will work with the new CCAPS (Charleroi Code Application & Property-Management System) developed by the Senior Computer Science students at California University. The application will create a more efficient way to conduct code enforcement in Charleroi.

Adam Mark, University of Pittsburgh

South Park Township

Updated South Park’s Comprehensive Plan. The plan was last updated in 2005 and the Township is currently involved with the Planning Consultant to implement a new update. Completed Citizen Attitude Survey to inform the plan to meet the current and future needs of the community.

Nico Russo, Thiel College

Greenville Borough

Working to position borough to exit Act 47 Distressed status. One area the Intern improved is data collection and retention process. In the Borough’s Act 47 Revised Recovery Plan (RRP) it recommended having our mapping updated with current and accurate data. This is used for financial planning and capital projects.

Leah Scott, Carnegie Mellon University

Baldwin Borough

Increased the amount of recycled solid waste from residents by studying the implementation of new residential containers (logistics, funding, and distribution). Analyzed daily logs of the public works employees to spot trends in activities and recommend efficiency improvements in winter operations. Develop strategies for more residents meaningful civic engagement.

Alan Druga, Carnegie Mellon University

McKees Rocks Borough

Alan assisted the code enforcement officer in a two-part project consisting of building a database for code enforcement and compiing all of our ordinances and resolutions into a digital data base for easy access.

Lara Konefal-Shaer, Carnegie Mellon University

Bellevue Borough

Physical evaluation of Bellevue’s eighteen (18) miles of streets based on clear and understandable criteria and the creation of a user friendly and flexible street condition database with appropriate instruction for usage. Formulated a five-year priority-based Paving Needs Projection that can be adjusted by interim work and funds availability.

Kelsey Lorence, Carnegie Mellon University

Winfield Township

Intern worked to develop a comprehensive road improvement plan. Used nationally recognized highway rating systems to rate all Township roads and develop an effective and cost efficient maintenance method to maintain and improve the existing infrastructure. In addition, the Intern worked to inventory and catalog the storm water facilities within the Township.

Skylar Roth, Penn State University

Harrison Township

Conducted a survey of the exterior condition of individual residential properties in Harrison Township. Workd with GTECH and th the Zoning & Ordinance Office Data Base Specialist to integrate the survey data with the Township’s Property Management Database. Current condition data linked to address, ownership, inspection, and tax delinquency data

Emily Schnarre, University of Alabama

Cranberry Township

Completed a comprehensive trail inventory, including cataloging and assessing existing trails and their conditions to impact future design and construction prioritization. Data collection and analysis including mapping exercises to determine opportunities for constructing additional trails, analysis of traffic counts, crash data, and community health statistics to prioritize locations of new trails and connections.

Victoria Vernet, Seton Hill University

Donora Borough

Assisted the Borough Administrator in implementing five crucial projects that are required either by state or federal regulations. These project imperatives must be progressed either to the point of total completion or to the point of satisfying the minimal requirements of state and federal regulations. Develop recommendations to avoid possible future Act 47 oversight by the state.


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