2018 ioby Webinar

ARCHIVED WEBINAR: How to Leverage “Crowdsourcing” to Enable Resident Leadership
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Crowdsourcing has a strong history in America. In 1885, New Yorkers crowdfunded the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty — neighbors coming together to aggregate small donations to fund a public good, a strategy which we call citizen philanthropy.

ioby (In Our Backyards) has mobilized Americans for over a decade to become powerful citizen leaders who plan, fund and make positive change in their own neighborhoods. ioby projects nationwide have raised over $4 million. ioby Pittsburgh projects have raised over $100,000 to over 80 projects.

In this webinar, we will hear Pittsburgh region case studies, we will discuss how ioby collaborates with local governments, and we will share ioby’s strategy and public resources. ioby’s strategy has an 87% success rate nationwide. All individuals and nonprofit organizations can collaborate with ioby’s coaching to crowdsource funds and volunteers. Local government leaders will benefit by learning how ioby can serve their community leadership and their residents’ ideas.

We are excited to host ioby’s Pittsburgh Action Strategist, Miriam Parson, a Pittsburgher who has worked in community development and sustainability for over a decade in Central and Western Pennsylvania. She holds a Master’s in Sustainability and Management, LEED accreditation in the Operations & Maintenance certification, and the EcoDistricts AP.

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