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At a Moment’s Notice: Rail Transportation Emergencies, Community Response and Health

Increases in rail traffic have resulted in increased concerns about the risk of and response to tanker-car derailments and spills. Several high profile accidents have residents and local officials alike giving new scrutiny to the cargo on the trains that have run through their communities for generations. What commodities are moving through our region on the extensive network of rail lines located here? What should communities do before finding themselves in an urgent situation? What is the range of situations for which they should be preparing? What are the protocols when emergencies occur?

At 9 a.m., July 30, how local, state and national agencies are preparing and responding to rail accidents will be discussed at this program. Additionally we will review the potential long-term health and environmental consequences of rail accidents, and the responsibilities for avoiding, addressing and mitigating environmental damage.

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The Local Communities/Healthy Communities series is being offered as part of the Sustainable Development Academy.