Greening Fields and Facilities: Allegheny County Success Stories


It’s time for a Learning Lab! Sometimes referred to as a LGA field trip, Learning Labs get you and your fellow participants out of the classroom to see solutions in use by local communities.

Greening Fields and Facilities will focus on day-to-day operations in recreational areas and public buildings. And one of your teachers will be a goat from Steel City Grazers – a first! Attend this program to learn about how Allegheny County’s South Park Golf Course makes compost tea to care for the greens, how to manage invasive plant species and weeds without herbicides and how green cleaning and recycling make public facilities and events healthier for everyone.

Information about environmental toxins and local examples of successful efforts to reduce pollution, will prepare participants to better identify the environmental and health needs and opportunities in their own communities.

Click here to learn more about speakers, to register for this program or to register for Greening Fields and Facilities AND At a Moment’s Notice: Rail Transportation Emergencies, Community Response and Health at a discounted price.

The two programs are part of a series title, “Local Communities/Healthy Communities,” being offered as part of the Sustainable Development Academy.