Imagine Transportation 2.0

The Path to a Better Transportation Future

Outcomes from the Imagine Transportation 2.0 Visioning Process and New Ideas for Transportation Planning and Investment In Our Communities


The priorities of a community’s accessibility to transportation have a lasting impact on development and integration. Whether those priorities are public transit, sidewalks, safe accessibility for bicycling, improvements to roads and highways, or other contemporary transportation options, municipal leaders must think of the future. The demands of the populace are ever changing, as newer generations seek out communities with  connectivity options and older generations prefer to age in place.

Take transportation in your community to the next level.

Join us for a presentation by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development on the work of the Regional Transportation Alliance of Southwestern PA about the opportunities transportation provides to create attractive communities and what you can do to keep up with these changing times.  Data on local commuting trends and community priority feedback will be shared, along with some examples of ideas being implemented in other places to address common mobility issues.

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