2015 Municipal Intern Program Projects

2015 Municipal Internship Projects

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The 2015 projects  and placement sites are:

Development of a Standard Operating Procedures Manual
Brentwood Borough, Allegheny County

The intern will review existing municipal policies, examine model standard operating procedures, and interview staff to determine current methods for completing duties. The project will include review of written procedures, literature and best practices, and inquiry from peer municipalities. The project will culminate in the development of Standard Operating Procedures manual covering an array of items.

Keystone Community Coordinator
Castle Shannon Borough, Allegheny County

Castle Shannon’s intern will be involved in both the state Department of Community and Economic Development’s Main Street and Elm Street programs, including exterior building façade improvement program, creation of an urban walking trail and a green wall project. The intern will gain experience in urban community development, revitalization through infill and how to collaborate with government agencies and the private sector to drive local development. Researching and creating physical and digital property files for more than 250 buildings and lots using assessment spreadsheets and photographs.

Special Programs Coordinator
Charleroi Borough, Washington County

Working closely with the Manager of Charleroi the intern will serve as a Special Programs Coordinator overseeing a variety of special projects currently established in the Borough of Charleroi. The special programs include: SMAART (Sustainable Marketplace for Artists, Artisans and Trending) Business District, Charleroi Means Business, Riverfront Initiatives, Historical Preservation Grant and the Charleroi Zoning Update. The intern will work with existing plans as well as assist in development of new goals such as business incentives, marketing and communications, data collection, contest development, and POP Up retail components.

Review of the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance
Churchill Borough, Allegheny County

Churchill is looking for an intern who would complete a review of the borough’s zoning ordinances, making recommendations that will be included in the new borough’s joint comprehensive plan with Wilkins Township. The intern also will have the opportunity to work with borough staff to gain experience in budgeting, tax collection, Police Department operations and helping to address residents’ needs, as well as making recommendations as to how borough staff can improve their responses to residents.

Sustainability Fellowship Program
Cranberry Township, Butler County

In an effort to promote Cranberry’s sustainability efforts, the township will be sponsoring a Sustainability Fellowship program. For this program the student will be researching other fellowship programs and establishing a set of best practices. The intern will be responsible for identifying partners, and parameters of the program, preparing Cost- Benefit Analysis repot determining financial benefits and cost savings. In addition, the student will be conducting policy-changing research in water efficiency, recycling and composting, and light pollution in an effort to enhance the Townships sustainability efforts.

Records Management and Grant Writing
Donora Borough, Washington County

The Borough of Donora will involve their intern in four existing projects in Donora. Firstly the codification of all borough ordinances via digital scanning. Secondly, the organization and digitation of the borough records in preparation for searchable documents. Thirdly, assisting in grant writing for the many local, state and federal grants for various projects including infrastructure, community affairs and redevelopments. Finally, the marketing of the boroughs properties for sale in the newly established land bank.

Policy and Procedure Development
Glassport Borough, Allegheny County

The Glassport Police Department is looking for an intern to help the department update and revise its policy and procedures manual. The intern will help analyze the risks associated with current policies, and work to develop policies based on principles of proper law enforcement standards, as well to help implement a training schedule.

Delinquent Real Estate Project
Greenville Borough, Mercer County

The intern will assist the Borough of Greenville in evaluating delinquent parcels and create policies that establish designation for tax sale. The intern will assist in assist in prioritizing collected real estate in the existing data base for policy considerations in an effort to eliminate delinquent properties. The project will gain valuable knowledge of real estate tax collections and community development.

Comprehensive Plan & Community Development Initiative
Jackson Township, Butler County

The intern will assist in background research related to the Townships comprehensive plan. They will assist in the facilitation of public input and act as a liaison between neighborhood groups, the comprehensive plan steering committee, the Planning Commission and the Jackson Township CDC. In addition, the intern will assist with the development of a GIS system, grant administration, and communication outreach. The intern will assist in the creation of a Long Range Capital Improvement Plan linking market and demographic projections to future expenditures and needs and opportunities to further partnerships.

GIS Mapping & Asset Management Program
Monaca Borough, Beaver County

Monaca plans to have its intern collect information on borough assets and infrastructure that will then be uploaded into a GIS mapping software program. Some of these assets include street signs, regulatory signage, fire hydrants, storm water catch basins, sanitary sewer manholes, water main valves and street lights. The intern will collect GIS coordinates for each asset, and provide a brief description of the item, as well as a photo. The intern also will work on the borough’s sustainability initiatives, including the development of sustainable policies and procedures, and will have the opportunity to work in all borough departments.

Five-year Capital Development Financing Plan
Munhall Borough, Allegheny County

The intern will interface with municipal staff, engineer, architect and planners to develop a capital infrastructure Improvement plan for 2016-2020 and a template/process to update on an annual basis by Council. The project will identify projects that are required to meet minimum infrastructure deficiencies. The project will identify funding opportunities in conjunction with funding streams to meet funding demands. Detailed analysis and projections supporting documents are expected.

Citywide Income Survey
New Castle, Lawrence County

The intern will complete a City wide income survey and calculate the low/moderate income percentages for the City of New Castle. The interns work will have a direct impact on the City’s ability to invest in community improvement projects over the next few years. The intern will gain experience in learning how public funding works, criteria to secure federal funding, HUD and DCED regulations and gain experience with the Community Development Block Grants process. In addition the intern will aid in mapping of blighted properties in an effort to convert properties back to meaningful use and generating tax revenue for the City.

Community Development Intern
North Fayette Township, Allegheny County

The township’s intern will assist with a zoning ordinance review and update so that it is consistent with a newly updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and catalog the township’s welcome signs working with the community development director to develop a budget for replacing all existing signs and for any new signs to be made. The intern will work on an economic development one-stop-shop webpage for developers, as well as an online development manual. The intern will work on the township’s strategic plan to address population growth and the construction of a new community center, and research to be done on a wage classification plan, where the township’s wages and benefits are compared with those of the surrounding region. The intern also will implement a virtual, electronic property file for the township’s sewage system and garbage collection.

Economic Development Plan
North Versailles Township, Allegheny County

The township intern will work on several projects to revitalize economic growth in the area, including cataloging vacant and for-sale homes throughout the community, examine township business district to see how to retain current businesses as well attracting new business to the township. The intern also will work on recommendations for the development of both commercial and industrial-zoned parcels of land, helping to create a plan to economic stimulus and social growth.

Facilities, Data, & Energy Efficiency Project Management
Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

The city of Pittsburgh intern will continue the development of an integrated facilities database to support Open Data, building disclosure, maintenance and efficiency capital budget prioritizations. Working with department leaders, the Municipal intern will need to assess needs, complete site visits, input verified data, facilitate request for information, assist with the prioritization of building improvements, attend docility and building diagnostic related civic engagement meeting, gather information from building industry professionals and collaborate with community based stakeholders.

Administrative Internship
Plum Borough, Allegheny County

The intern will rotate within each of the six departments at various intervals. During the rotations the intern will assist the department supervisor in specific short term projects. Department rotations include: Administration – implementing the new computer based Human Resource and Employee Benefit System, Finance –Assist with the 2016 Operating Budget, Information Technology – assist with the development of the IT Disaster Recovery Plan, Planning – Update land development requirements, and Public Works – assist in developing a project planning and tracking system using Excel and or Access.

Public Safety GIS Mapping Project
Potter Township, Beaver County

The intern in Potter Township will need an interest in environmental preservation, as well as rural crime prevention, by researching and developing a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design approach near the proposed natural gas production facility and ancillary “man camps” and other temporary housing. The intern also will identify opportunities for the township to use technology and planning to address public safety issues and recommend technology upgrades and plans to protect people and property. The work also will look at Raccoon Creek and its recreational opportunities, infrastructure and technology needs to develop those opportunities. GIS skills are needed.

Fight Blight – Community Analysis
Turtle Creek Valley COG, Allegheny County

The intern’s work for the Turtle Creek Valley COG will be split between two key projects: The first is to implement a GIS system for the COG’s joint code enforcement program, assembling and mapping existing code violation data and creating a user’s manual. The second project the intern will work on is the Tri_ COG Collaborative Housing Market Analysis, gathering housing data that will help communities make informed decisions about development and to help the communities establish a land bank.

All undergraduate and graduate students are invited to meet with municipal representatives at LGA’s Municipal Intern Fair from noon to 2:30 p.m., March 20 at the William Penn Student Union on the University of Pittsburgh for short interviews. LGA requests interested students pre-register for the fair by going to Municipal Intern Program Students, but walk-ins are welcome. For students who cannot attend the intern fair, you may send your resume as instructed in the guidelines.

2015 MIP Student Packet is available here in preparation for the fair.

Municipalities that would like to be eligible for the 2016 Municipal Intern Program, please contact LGA.