Do You Know Your Codes?

Even for the most versed public official, understanding the Pennsylvania municipal classification system can be a challenge.  In addition to amendments continuously occurring, sometimes case law alters the application of the codes to specific situation. To address these concerns, LGA has created a webinar program, “Know Your Codes.” This program is designed to provide a summary review of municipal codes, as well as recent legislative or court case updates.

Know Your Codes is presented by experienced municipal solicitors. Then participants submit their particular questions about their municipal code.  This interactive program improves participants’ working knowledge of their governance structure.  This program supplements the Local Government Academy’s Newly Elected Officials Course (and is not a substitute).   It is intended to help participants become more familiar with the classification under which they are governing.

Speakers include:

  • Pat McGrail, Attorney, McGrail and Associates
  • Steve Korbell, Attorney, Babst Calland
  • Kate Dierson, Attorney, Goehring Rutter and Boehm

This live webinar will be presented Wednesday, February 17, 2016 starting at 7:00 PM postponed until further notice.   The program is free for NEOC participants. For all other local government officials, the cost is $20. You must be an appointed official or employee of a local government to participate.

To register, visit LGA Online and scroll to the course titled “Know Your Codes”.