Leadership in Local Government

Leadership in Local Government
Thursday October 5, 2017

6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Community College of Allegheny County
Office of College Services
Room 516
800 Allegheny Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
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Understanding the core dynamics of effective leadership makes the difference in uniting and propelling a community toward a prosperous future. New, seasoned, and struggling leaders have something to gain in this Leadership in Local Government course. Explore through the lens of effective community governance the various principles and strategies to identify and solve the challenges often faced in today’s leadership circles.

Wilkinsburg Borough Council Member Marita Garrett will describe the role of local officials in community strategic development. Marita will explain how local elected officials must collectively develop and steer community strategic initiatives to meet community needs and achieve long-term sustainability.

Bellevue Council Member Kathy Coder will identify and describe the progressive stages of leadership development. Kathy will facilitate individual assessments of each class attendee to determine their behavior in various situations and their preferred pace of activity. This understanding will help attendees define personal leadership style and contribution.

Carnegie Borough Mayor Jack Kobistek will present a first-hand account of how effective leadership transformed the Borough of Carnegie. Jack will detail the transformation while highlighting the critical necessity for open and honest thought and action from community leaders.

Join us in Leadership for Local Government and develop your skills as an effective local leader.

Speakers include:

Marita Garrett, Council Vice President, Wilkinsburg Borough
Kathy Coder, Council Vice President, Bellevue Borough
Jack Kobistek, Mayor, Carnegie Borough

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