Individual Donations to the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund

Through the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund, Local Government Academy strives to make its training within reach for any local government elected official, appointed official or employee that is interested in receiving training. LGA’s Scholarship’s for Good Government program provides elected and appointed local government officials and employees the opportunity to attend LGA programs for free or at a reduced fee, depending on the program.

Named in honor of LGA’s first Chairman of the Board and former Mayor of Monroeville, the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund ensures that every elected and appointed official has access to the non-partisan training necessary to help them become more effective public servants.  No official should be barred from attending LGA programs due to fiscal constraints.  Newly elected officials should get the assistance they need to off the on right foot serving the public.  The Lynch Scholarship Fund helps to make that happen.

Mike Lynch, working with other county and local officials and with the support of his wife Joan, was instrumental in the creation of Local Government Academy. Click here to learn more about Mike’s public service journey and the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund.

Individual donations may be made to the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund at any time. All donations are tax deductible and can be made via check, credit/debit, or Paypal by submitting the form below.