Past MIP Projects

The following is a list of municipalities that have participated in the Local Government Academy's Municipal Intern Program and their intern projects.

Aliquippa, Beaver County

  • Perform property and equipment inventory of municipal assets.
  • Create a database for this information to comply wtih GASB 34 standards
  • Property maintenance / building plan
  • Property maintenance inspection

Allegheny County Council

  • Design and implement website
  • Develop mission statements and goals for council committees

Allegheny Township, Allegheny County

  • Public outreach and communication / website enhancement

Ambridge Borough and Harmony Township, Beaver County

  • Zoning revision / grant development

Avalon Borough and Kilbuck Township, Allegheny County

  • Reorganization of tax office / records and preparation of new comprehensive plan
  • Shared manager reorganization of borough office

Baldwin, Allegheny County

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation
  • Green Task Force / Sewer Fund Analysis

Bethel Park, Allegheny County

  • GIS Database compilation, indexing and mapping of zoning hearing board cases and actions

Braddock, Allegheny County

  • Code enforcement program improvement
  • Improve earned income tax collection system
  • Managerial database program
  • Organize ordinances and resolutions for use by officials, staff and residents

Brentwood, Allegheny County

  • Comprehensive employee personnel manual
  • Vacant lot documentation
  • Five-year plan for operations and capital improvement
  • Development of a standard operating procedures manual

Bridgeville, Allegheny County

  • GIS data integration

Butler Redevelopment Authority

  • Utilizing GIS Technology for Identification/Classification of tax delinquent/blighted properties in Butler County.

Castle Shannon, Allegheny County

  • Coordinate borough’s involvement in several economic development projects
  • Research and create property files for buildings and lots.

Carnegie, Allegheny County

  • Property assessment/revitalization

Charleroi, Washington County

  • Police department records management and community outreach
  • Serve as Special Programs Coordinator overseeing a variety of borough projects.
  • Develop a business/investment strategy including but not limited to brochures, video, website, social media, etc. & the investigation of a incubator program.

Clairton, Allegheny County

  • Economic development planner
  • Housing programs development specialist
  • Personnel policy manual update
  • City services guide for residents
  • Development of a website
  • Review delinquent tax rates
  • Development of a comprehensive plan
  • Vacant property study and computer software research for future updating of study
  • Landlord tax research and analysis
  • City Wide Blighted and Abandoned Building Demolition

Coraopolis, Allegheny County

  • Development of a comprehensive plan

Crafton, Allegheny County

  • Development of a comprehensive recreation plan

Cranberry Township and Butler County COG, Butler County

  • Member assessment
  • Development of a COG action plan
  • Research other fellowship programs and establish a set of best practices

Donora, Washington County

  • Codify of all borough ordinances
  • Organize and digitize borough documents
  • Assist in grant writing for local, state and federal grants
  • Marketing of borough properties for sale in the newly established land bank
  • Ordinance Codification/ Land Bank creation/ Street Sign Catalog/ Reocrds Organization/ Grant Writing

Dormont, Allegheny County

  • GIS sewer mapping
  • Early Intervention Program study
  • Early Intervention Policy implementation

Dravosburg, Allegheny County

  • Personnel policy and procedure manual

Duquesne, Allegheny County

  • Five-year projected regular and capital budgets
  • Analysis of municipal services fees
  • Analysis of real estate tax collection for economic recovery plan
  • Inventory and analysis of the city's vacant properties with recommendations for marketing and development of these properties
  • Analyze and recommend public policy relative to electric energy in public street lighting and public facilities, and identify alternatives for reducing operating costs via the sale of public water and sewer systems.

East Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

  • Revenue collection assistance

Edgewood, Allegheny County

  • Comprehensive cash flow report and long range financial plan

Elizabeth Township, Allegheny County

  • Create township website

Emsworth, Allegheny County

  • Ordinance codification
  • Five-year comprehensive plan

Etna, Allegheny County

  • Computerize municipal accounting system
  • Inventory of needed street repairs
  • ARTEZ business outreach

Fallowfield Township, Washington County

  • Website development

Farrell, Mercer County

  • Development of a GIS basemap

Findlay Township, Mercer County

  • Road surface management program
  • Township records management program
  • GIS administrator

Forward Township, Allegheny County

  • Review and update comprehensive plan
  • Development of road maintenance program with Microsoft Access

Franklin Park, Allegheny County

  • Preparation for implementation of 911 system
  • Survey and catalog non-conforming zoning uses for existing commercial properties
  • Update & Improvements to existing GIS system

Glassport, Allegheny County

  • Update and revise police department's policy and procedures manual
  • Help implement a police training schedule

Green Tree, Allegheny County

  • Review planning and zoning ordinance review
  • Support for development and verification of GIS database
  • GIS field data collection and project coordination in response to the DEP sewer correction requirements

Greenville, Mercer County

  • Evaluate delinquent parcels and create tax sale policies
  • Assist in prioritizing real estate in a database for policy consideration
  • Real Estate Tax Collection Study

Hampton Township Municipal Authority, Allegheny County

  • GIS mapping program
  • Coordinating the township's comprehensive plan update
  • Analyze and development of regular and capital budget revenues and expenditures over a five-year period
  • RFP for master parks and comprehensive plan

Harrison Township, Allegheny County

  • Integration of Property and Tax Delinquency Data with Housing Code Enforcement

Heidelberg, Allegheny County

  • Research and draft strategic plan

Homestead, Allegheny County

  • Revenue collection assistance
  • Creation of annual work plan for public works

Indiana Township, Allegheny County

  • Comprehensive plan

Ingram, Allegheny County

  • Zoning ordinance and comprehensive plan review

Irwin, Westmoreland County

  • Capital improvement plan
  • Zoning ordinance revision and revitalization

Jackson Township, Butler County

  • Revision of township's comprehensive plan and township marketing
  • Assist in the facilitation of public input and act as a liaison between neighborhood groups

Jefferson Hills, Allegheny County

  • Personnel policy and procedures manual
  • Creation of website and personnel manual

Johnstown, Cambria County

  • Computerize code enforcement and financial management data
  • Revenue streams analysis

Kennedy Township, Allegheny County

  • Zoning and comprehensive plan revision
  • Real estate tax collection analysis and study

Marshall Township, Allegheny County

  • Research zoning and subdivision amendments
  • Village plan for Warrendale
  • Database and GIS management

McDonald, Allegheny and Washington counties

  • Zoning and comprehensive plan revision

McKees Rocks, Allegheny County

  • Implementation of goals established in the borough's strategic plan, including grant research in the area of community development

McKeesport, Allegheny County

  • Re-codification of neighborhood ordinances

McKeesport Municipal Authority, Allegheny County

  • Personnel policy and brochures
  • Industrial waste survey for the authority's pretreatment program for EPA compliance
  • Update GIS mapping

Millvale, Allegheny County

  • Community business district revitalization plan
  • Pavement Management Program

Monaca, Beaver County

  • Collect information on borough assets and infrastructure that will then be uploaded into a GIS mapping software program

Monroeville, Allegheny County

  • Comprehensive plan update

Moon Township, Allegheny County

  • Personnel policy development
  • Comprehensive plan overview
  • Assist drafting a redevelopment plan for Mooncrest and a strategic plan for the Beers School Road Corridor

Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny County

  • GIS-based sign pollution study

Munhall, Allegheny County

  • Inventory management control system
  • Survey safety of public playgrounds
  • Interface with municipal staff, engineer, architect and planners to develop a capital infrastructure Improvement plan for 2016-2020

Murrysville, Allegheny County

  • Assessment of retail, commercial business, and residential growth potential
  • Development of citizen-based survey

New Castle, Lawrence County

  • Complete a City wide income survey and calculate the low/moderate income percentages for the City of New Castle.
  • Inventory of City Owned Properties

Neville Township, Allegheny County

  • Environmental database and mapping tools for island’s strategic economic plan
  • Public works department work analysis plan

North Braddock, Allegheny County

  • Capital improvement plan
  • Road assessment database update
  • Improved earned-income tax collection system

North Fayette Township, Allegheny County

  • Coordinate completion of GIS system and comprehensive plan
  • Assist with a zoning ordinance review and update so that it is consistent with a newly updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan

North Hills COG/Ross Township, Allegheny County

  • Storm water management GIS/GPS

North Versailles Township, Allegheny County

  • Long-range financial plan
  • Catalog vacant and for-sale homes in the community
  • Examine township business district to see how to retain business and attract new business

Oakmont, Allegheny County

  • Street sign survey

O'Hara Township, Allegheny County

  • Computer-based budget preparation system

Ohio Township, Allegheny County

  • Computer systems analysis and personnel policy
  • Stormwater Infrastructure Management

Penn Hills, Allegheny County

  • Road surface management program
  • Create computerized database for street signage
  • Complete Mapping of the Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Peters Township, Washington County

  • Storm water management/GIS
  • Sign inventory mapping project
  • Pavement management system

Pine Township, Allegheny County

  • Road database and grading program

Pitcairn, Allegheny County

  • Create a personnel policies and procedures manual
  • Computer generated spreadsheets for vehicle maintenance, payroll and record keeping for utilities

Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

  • Planning and designing a Hospitality Zone
  • Responsible for Hospitality Zone Plan implementation
  • Develop an integrated facilities database
  • Open Data Management

Pleasant Hills, Allegheny County

  • Personnel manual with job descriptions

 Plum, Allegheny County

  • Community development and planning department computerization
  • Personnel manual and website update
  • Update land development requirements, and Public Works
  • Assist with the 2016 Operating Budget, Information Technology
  • Develop a project planning and tracking system using Excel and or Access

Potter Township, Beaver County

  • Develop Crime Prevention through Environmental Design approach near natural gas facility
  • Identify opportunities to use technology and planning to address public safety issues

Rankin, Allegheny County

  • Personnel policy and procedures manual
  • Ordinance codification
  • Managerial database projects.
  • Phone System/Bills/Identification of Rental Properties/ Office Assistance

Robinson Township

  • Apply financial monitoring system to municipal fiscal situation, and prepare a report with recommendations to present to township commissioners

Ross Township, Allegheny County

  • Integrate sewer inspection video into the GIS
  • AcrPad GPS data collection project that will benefit the township and other North Hills Council of Government municipalities in addressing the Watershed Based Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Permitting (MS4).
  • Employee Handbook Update

Scottdale, Westmoreland County

  • Town center GIS mapping

Shaler Township, Allegheny County

  • Annual budget report and employee handbook
  • Commercial recycling compliance audit

Sharpsburg, Allegheny County

  • Five-year capital improvements program
  • Personnel and internal control policies
  • New Zoning Ordinance and Codification Project

Somerset Township, Somerset County

  • Ordinance codification property maintenance inspection storm sewer

South Fayette Township Municipal Authority, Allegheny County

  • GIS implementation

Springdale, Allegheny County

  • Development of borough website

Steel Valley Council of Governments

  • GIS administrator and developer
  • Creation of best practices for demolition
  • Develop GIS maps for Blight Fight program
  • Gather and evaluate CDBG program data

Swissvale, Allegheny County

  • Five-year capital improvement plan
  • Road assessment database update

Tarentum, Allegheny County

  • Capital improvement plan development
  • Zoning ordinance review

Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments

  • Access database to track Community Development Block Grant applications
  • Vacant properties assessments
  • Implement a GIS system for the COG’s joint code enforcement program

Urban Redevelopment Authority

  • Open space initiative

Washington, Washington County

  • Residential rental registration project

West Homestead, Allegheny County

  • Property information database

Wilkins Township, Allegheny County

  • Records management
  • Master Plan for Abatement of Blighted and Abandoned Structures

Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County

  • Tax base expansion initiative
  • Develop plan for vacant properties
  • Right Tool for the Job: Identifying the Best"Blight Fight" Strategy for Vacant Properties"

Winfield Township, Allegheny County

  • Document Preservation and Access Program


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