Pledge to Excellence

Pledge To Excellence

Candidatesignings for local office, the electorate needs to know of your commitment to good government. Candidates for local elected office are encouraged to sign Local Government Academy's Pledge to Excellence.

The pledge states that, if elected, the candidate will strive for excellence in the duties of their new office. It also states that the candidate will commit to the following principles, to the best of their ability:

  • I recognize that leadership requires a dedication to lifelong learning.
  • I recognize that local government is a unique environment. Although I may have experience outside of municipal government, I understand that by voting for me, the citizens entrust me with a special obligation that requires me to become as knowledgeable as possible to perform at the highest level of public service.
  • I commit to obtaining the highest level of knowledge and expertise on the issues impacting local government and the citizens of my community.
  • If elected I will complete the Local Government Academy's Newly Elected Officials Course and further commit to ongoing professional development within the means available by me and my community. If unsuccessful in the election, you are under no obligation to take the Newly Elected Officials Course.

Complete and submit the form below to sign the Pledge to Excellence.

We will email you a digital certificate and alert you when NEOC registration is open.


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