Powers and Duties of Local Officials

The public meeting of any local government is where the rubber meets the road. This is where rules are enacted, money is authorized to be spent, developers are given the go ahead for a project and the needs of the citizens are attended to. Each meeting flows following an agenda carefully designed to accomplish the work of the government and to inform the citizens of what is happening.

Vital to the operation of good local government is an understanding of the powers and duties of local elected and nonelected officials as set out by state and federal statutes and regulations. These statutes and regulations guide officials in how they can proceed within their roles to best serve their communities.  In order to fully understand these powers and their limits as well as the roles of elected officials to make local government work, LGA is offering this educational course: Powers and Duties of Local Officials. You will learn about these powers, the limits established by state and federal laws, the Sunshine At, “Right to Know” requests and response options, and tricks of the trade for running a successful public meeting.

This course features a selection of videos and interactive questions with a final quiz to test what you’ve learned.

Instructors for this course include:

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