Pro Bono Technical Assistance Opportunity

Local Government Academy, Sustainable Pittsburgh, and Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University, through the generosity of Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa employees, are pleased to announce a new pro bono consulting service for local governments in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Eligible to be competitively selected through this application process are those municipalities that have either (a) already earned certification in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program or (b) municipalities that have actively begun their certification process.

This application process takes place entirely online. Click here to view the application.

The application process asks municipalities to identify a project for consideration.  Applicants will indicate:

The deadline for applications is March 11, 2016.  Applications will be evaluated based upon the project’s impact in accelerating sustainability in your community, alignment with Alcoa volunteer expertise, and the project’s ability to deliver tangible outcomes.  Five projects from five municipalities will ultimately be selected by the end of March.

Our program model is based on best practices throughout the nation by which corporate employees engage with their community for productive knowledge exchange.  Mutual benefit is the goal whereby the municipality gains expert assistance in solving a problem or advancing an opportunity, the employee gains experience and appreciation for the challenges of local government and has the opportunity to volunteer to support the improvement and the reputation of the community where his or her family resides, and together the corporation and community benefit the region through a unique public-private collaboration.

Below is a sampling of some project ideas.  This list is offered simply to spark your imagination.


– Greening the vehicle fleet and/or driving habits while also assessing fleet management

– Sustainable architectural and engineering consultation

– Financial services and business planning

– Green infrastructure cost/benefit assessment

– Recycling and re-use opportunities

– Business analysis and capital assessments for social benefit

– Technology assessment and planning to address business operations and community engagement

– Environmental impact of operations assessment

– Greenhouse gas emissions inventory

– Life cycle assessment

– Marketing, market analysis, and resource assessment

– Communications and technology capacity review


Alcoa personnel have a wide range of skills.  Some of the areas of expertise include: business management, technical and scientific, supply chain, project management, life cycle assessment, sustainability, recycling, safety sciences, emergency preparedness, program and budget analysis/fiscal analysis, finance and purchasing, etc.  As your applications are received, we will be working on match-making with the Alcoans with an eye for the best prospects for delivering highest value to meet your needs.

All projects will be completed by mid-summer 2016.  As an aside, we note this timing aligns with budget cycles in the event that consultant project outcomes bring municipal budget ramifications.


For more information, contact Local Government Academy at 412.586.5659