Pro Bono Technical Assistance Program

Pro Bono Technical Assistance Program


Local Government Academy, Sustainable Pittsburgh, and Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University, through the generosity of Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa employees, are pleased to announce a new pro bono consulting services for local governments in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Eligible to be competitively selected through this application process are those municipalities that have either (a) already earned certification in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program or (b) municipalities that have actively begun their certification process.

This application process takes place entirely online and the form is presented below.

Before you complete the form, we recommend you draft your answers to the following questions in a word processing document and cut and paste them into the form.

What is the general description of the project?
What are the benefits this project will have on your community?
Which criteria of the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Essentials does this project promote or accelerate?
What skills or expertise do you desire in a volunteer?

Copy and paste your answers to these questions into the corresponding boxes below.

The deadline for applications is March 11, 2016.  Applications will be evaluated based upon the project’s impact in accelerating sustainability in your community, alignment with Alcoa volunteer expertise, and the project’s ability to deliver tangible outcomes.  Five projects from five municipalities will ultimately be selected by the end of March.

Visit this link for more information about the program.