Advocates for Good Government

Advocates for Good Government

Become an Advocate for Good Government and help promote excellence in local government in southwestern Pennsylvania communities through impactful programs like Contemplating Governing and the Newly Elected Officials Course(Click here for our NEW online donation form)

Listen as two current elected officials share how participating in Contemplating Governing and the Newly Elected Officials Course helped prepare them for their terms in office:

Held April 2015, in advance of the Primary Election filing deadline, Contemplating Governing is a non-partisan, independent program that introduces citizens to local government and provides participants with the chance to consider the opportunities, challenges, requirements and reasons to serve in local office. The program empowers citizens to become more involved in local government and improves the campaign process by increasing the knowledge of candidates.

The Newly Elected Officials Course is offered immediately following the November General Election and helps those elected to local office make the transition from candidate to elected official.

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Programs focused on the issues of today:
New Tools in the Blight Fight and Managing Marcellus

LGA strives to continually respond to the training needs of local government officials by offering programs that focus on the most challenging topics that communities are facing.

Launched in 2012, the New Tools in the Blight Fight and Managing Marcellus training series have been attended by more than 1,200 individuals from nearly 400 organizations in 10 southwestern Pennsylvania counties.

Blight is not unique to any one neighborhood in this region. It is important for officials in each community to know they are not alone and that there are tools available to assist them. Each and every tool may not be right for their community, but by sharing information at programs like “New Tools in the Blight Fight,” they are better able to decipher which tools may be best appropriate. By discussing different methods, we learn how to do things better in our own communities.”

– Chris Blackwell, principal planner for Penn Hills

From 2010 and 2014, more than 5,000 individuals representing 2,500 municipalities and organizations in 14 Pennsylvania counties attended programs offered by Local Government Academy.

Participants from local governments alone have a tremendous impact on the communities they serve:

  • Responsible for $1.3 billion in public spending
  • Stewards of 2,500 square miles of land
  • More than 1.9 million citizens served