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Become a positive presence in the day-to-day workings of local government
Support the Local Government Academy, the organization more than 10,000 elected and appointed municipal officials have turned to for help with the daily demands of their jobs.

Be seen as part of a trusted resource
For 33 years, the Local Government Academy has provided the practical help local officials need for the complex job of governing — from classes in municipal management to on-site technical assistance. The Academy’s unique status as an education-focused organization — without partisanship, profit motive, or lobbying function — adds to its credibility. A diverse board of academicians, business advisors, nonprofit administrators, and government officials ensures that the Academy’s programs remain responsive to community needs.

Be an Advocate for Good Government and be heard all year long
As a supporter of the Local Government Academy, your commitment to good government is broadly shared. Academy publications, publicity, and website acknowledge you as an “Advocate for Good Government.” And the Academy’s many programs present you with unique opportunities to directly interact with local officials.

For more information about becoming an Advocate for Good Government,
contact Local Government Academy at (412) 586-5659.

Donations are also accepted at any time to the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund.

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