Sustainable Restaurants Webinar

ARCHIVED WEBINAR: Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants: Fostering Community, Health, and Prosperity
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Join the Sustainable Community Development Network (SCDN), Local Government Academy and Rebecca Bykoski, manager of the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program, to learn how restaurants can contribute to building a more sustainable community.

Restaurants are places where people gather to eat, engage, and celebrate, adding vibrancy to communities. In a recent Green Restaurant Association survey, well over half of consumers indicated they would pay more to eat at a sustainable restaurant and 72% said they are more likely to dine at a restaurant that sources food locally.

Learn how your municipality can capitalize on these consumer preferences to support the local economy, foster community engagement, and appeal to visitors, residents, and potential residents.

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program is a sustainability performance program that recognizes restaurants for their sustainable business practices and provides one-on-one assistance for establishments looking to advance their sustainability goals. The program offers multiple levels of recognition for a restaurant’s sustainability achievements in the form of designations: Bronze Plate up to Platinum Plate. Over 80 restaurants around the region have earned designation to date.

This webinar will highlight how your municipality can utilize the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program to distinguish your community, drive new business and improve overall sustainability.