Technical Assistance

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The Local Government Academy recognizes that many communities need assistance putting classroom ideas into action. LGA is available to provide your community with the professional assistance you need.

Affordable consulting services are available to municipalities through Local Government Academy’s Technical Assistance Program.

This program is designed to give municipalities access to professional expertise to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. This service can be utilized for specific short-range projects such as grant writing or meeting facilitation, or to coordinate long-range goals such as strategic planning or an intergovermental cooperation project.

This helping hand is now being offered by LGA in response to the limited economic resources available to many local governments. LGA’s Technical Assistance program partners with local government providing project assistance at reasonable hourly rates or on a per-project-basis.

Technical Assistance is another service offered by LGA reflecting its mission to promote excellence in local government while meeting the diverse needs of elected officials and their communities.

LGA provides Technical Assistance in the following areas:


Fiscal Analysis

Capital Improvement Programming

Strategic Planning

Grant Writing

Meeting Facilitation

Next Step…

LGA is ready to assist with your next project. Forward a letter of inquiry to LGA’s office at 1501 Preble Avenue, Suite 202, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, or call LGA to discuss your needs at 412-538-5659. After we receive your request for help, you will meet with an LGA consultant for project review. Afterwards, you’ll receive a proposal in response to your project needs.