Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Training & Technical Assistance for Municipal & School District Leaders in southwestern Pennsylvania

Local Government Academy provides training and technical assistance for governing boards, leadership teams and employees in the areas of conflict competency and conflict management.

Why conflict management?
Local Government Academy has identified conflict management as a critical skill for leaders and high functioning organizations. Local communities address a myriad of important issues. Important topics generate passionate responses and inevitable conflicts. Utilize and leverage energy from conflicts to your organization’s advantage.

How does it work?
Contact Local Government Academy to request a proposal. LGA representatives will meet with you to develop a scope of service and budget for your proposal. Possible services to be provided, include:

  • Customized training for your organization
  • Neutral conflict facilitation or mediation for particular identified conflicts
  • Individualized conflict competency coaching

Services are confidential and are conducted at a neutral off-site location. There is no site fee. Specific intended outcomes will be designated at the start of the project.

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