The Great GASB is here!

It’s 2016…that means its time to gear up for 2015 audits. Significant this year is the implementation of GASB 68 which revises the way local governments present and report pension obligations.  Local governments will now include net pension benefit obligations on their balance sheets. This is a significant movie towards better pension management, but how will this impact local government’s fiscal position? How will 2015 financial statements differ from statements of previous years? What should local government officials expect when they receive their final 2015 financial statements?

These questions and more were explored in “It’s Here! The Impact of GASB 68 on Your Financial Reporting for Pensions”, an LGA webinar presented by Brian McCall of Maher Duessel on October 14, 2015. Access this presentation at LGA Onlinefirst time users to LGAOnline will need to set up a user account then click “I Have an Enrollment Key” at the bottom. Returning users can just sign in, grab some lunch, and enjoy this 25 minute FREE presentation on the impact of GASB 68….anytime that’s convenient for you!