Using TDR’s to Generate Revenue from Dedicated Green Space and Other Undeveloped Land Uses/Types

Land DevelopmentARCHIVED WEBINAR: Using TDR’s to Generate Revenue from Dedicated Green Space and Other Undeveloped Land Uses/Types
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A Sustainable Development Academy program presented by the Local Government Academy and Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Sustainable Community Development Network

This archived webinar, presented for municipal leaders, land use planners and community development corporations in Pennsylvania, introduces participants to the use of Transfer of Development Rights to protect environmentally and culturally important properties and open space and promote innovative and sustainable land use.

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) is a powerful land use tool utilized by municipalities to sustain green space, agricultural land, important historic or cultural land and/or preserve areas for green infrastructure development while targeting to improve development density in appropriate places. Used strategically, TDRs can promote a sense of community, improve air and water quality, available fresh food and healthy recreation, and enhance surrounding property values.

Municipalities with existing infrastructure and property not generating revenue could benefit from TDR programs.  Development is directed where the municipality prefers it to be, and development rights can be transferred to another parcel where they are better suited to benefit the community and are better positioned to yield revenue. The capital created from TDRs can be used to improve and steward vacant parcels, such as revitalizing communities, addressing storm water and CSO issues, creating urban gardens, and protecting green spaces.

Join Local Government Academy, Sustainable Pittsburgh, and the Allegheny Land Trust in this webinar to learn how Transfer of Development Rights is a proven means to meet multiple objectives and create win-win outcomes.  Roy Kraynyk, Allegheny Land Trust’s Vice President of Land Protection and Capital Projects, will introduce practical applications of Transfer of Development Rights in the region.

You can also see Mr. Kraynyk discuss Transfer of Development Rights in person on Monday, April 24th at 2:00 p.m. at 1705 Maple Street, Homestead, PA 15120 at the Blight Busters Working Group Meeting hosted by the Steel Rivers Council of Governments.

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