Managing Marcellus: Governor’s Pipeline Task Force Report

LGA and the Washington & Jefferson College Center for Energy Policy and Management presented a webinar on January 21, 2016 examining PA Governor Tom Wolf’s Pipeline Task Force Report. In addition, this webinar introduced participants to the resources and assistance they can receive from the Shale Gas Knowledge Hub, a new initiative of W&J.

The archived version of the webinar is available at no charge, but you must register through LGA Online (first time users to LGAOnline will need to set up a user account then click “I Have an Enrollment Key” at the bottom. Returning users can just sign in).

PA Governor Tom Wolf empaneled the Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force which is due to issue a detailed report in February 2016. The purpose and goals of the Task Force are to define a series of best practices and recommendations to:

  • Plan, site and route pipelines in ways that avoid or reduce environmental and community impacts;
  • Amplify and engage in meaningful public participation;
  • Maximize opportunities for predictable and efficient permitting.
  • Employ construction methods that reduce environmental and community impact.
  • Ensure pipeline safety and integrity during operation of the pipeline.