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Local Government in Southwestern Pennsylvania is changing rapidly. If we took away anything from the 2017 election results, it’s that Local Government Academy’s (LGA) goal of non-partisan education, resources and outreach for officials is pivotal for the region’s future.

We need your help. Local government is evolving under the influence of social platforms, media, and partisan politics, and you can ensure that your community’s officials have access to the information they need to get the job done.

For over 30 years, Local Government Academy began on the principle of promoting excellence in local government, directing and producing such programs as the Newly Elected Officials Course. LGA strives to meet the needs of the modern era of government education and outreach by providing courses, programs, events, and resources, while partnering with other organizations that share the same goals.

But what does all of that mean for you?

LGA needs to elevate its strategy. Your support will directly impact local communities as we develop the “Pillars of Good Government Certification Program,” as well as a more dynamic system of online education, a keen outreach and engagement strategy to maximize participation, and improving all that LGA does already with educational, intern, and grant programs.

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You can help make local government in southwestern Pennsylvania work. At a pivotal time of evolution in Local Government Academy’s history, your support directly impacts municipalities large and small across the region, improving communities and improving lives, by allowing LGA to do what it does best: fostering your government leaders and future leaders. Be a part of making opportunity more accessible for local communities and see how you can show your support below.

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