The Newly Elected Officials Course

Designed specifically for local elected officials in Pennsylvania, the Newly Elected Officials Course is a comprehensive program that grants elected officials a head start in all aspects of governing, including leading an efficient and effective workplace, policy writing, conserving natural resources, and planning for the future. Hear from leaders at the local, county, and state level, as well as academic professors and specialists from both the public and private sectors.

Officials new to their positions have a lot to gain. Veteran officials will also find comprehensive answers to the challenges and ongoing struggles they might have faced previously in office, with real experts to provide insight.

Historically, 90 percent of participants in the Newly Elected Officials Course have their tuition paid for by their community, after they are sworn into office, as an investment in good government. LGA also offers a discount to eligible communities through the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund.

This one-of-a-kind course is unique in Pennsylvania for its scope and content.

The Newly Elected Officials Course has had more than 1,000 participants in over 30 years, and was presented with the League of Women Voters Good Government Award.
  • Jason Stein, Munhall Borough
    "The NEOC should be required for any first-time elected official. It is that eye-opening and powerful. I would have been much less prepared for my time in office without that course. The knowledge presented, shared, and gained during the various classes were and are critical to my success. I can't recommend it enough."
    Jason Stein, Munhall Borough
    2015-16 NEOC Graduate
  • Natalia Rudiak, City of Pittsburgh
    "As an elected official, my job is to work with a diverse group of stakeholders on wildly divergent issues, from sewers to public art. LGA helped me navigate this new terrain by providing clear, objective information about municipal law, as well as a network of fellow elected officials with whom to share stories and insights."
    Natalia Rudiak, City of Pittsburgh
    2009-10 NEOC Graduate
  • Ray Jurewicz, Churchill Borough
    "A commitment to your municipality requires being knowledgeable about issues, challenges, rules, process, and procedures. It is also vital to expand your network of fellow community leaders, managers, and infrastructure support personnel. The Newly Elected Official Course offers an opportunity to become primed and ready to make an effective contribution."
    Ray Jurewicz, Churchill Borough
    2011-12 NEOC Graduate
  • Rebecca Matsco, Potter Township
    "The NEOC exposed me immediately to the wide scope of responsibilities and topics in which local officials must become proficient. Fortunately, it also introduced me to a network of capable, interested people who would support me as I learned."
    Rebecca Matsco, Potter Township
    2009-10 NEOC Graduate
  • J. Deron Gabriel, South Fayette Township
    "This program came highly recommended, and the commitment of LGA to programming was apparent. A lot of effort went into the program, and we were exposed to a lot of the complexities of local government."
    J. Deron Gabriel, South Fayette Township
    2007-08 NEOC Graduate

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